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There is no official textbook for this course although we will draw topics comprehensively from this modern book “Handbook of PV”

Main reference: Handbook of PV

Antonio Luque, Steven Hegedus ed., Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering, 2nd Edition (2011), Online ISBN: 9780470974704

You are encouraged to read and consult this book mainly. It contains many important and interesting aspects of solar energy technology (Physics, Material science, Policy, Economy etc.) and have lots of references which you will find useful when you research for your final project presentations

Physics of Solar cells:

Built from lecture notes by Prof. Wurfel, so quite concise/brief to the point and really focusing on physics. Very strong viewpoint in how to look at the functions of solar cell in “thermodynamics” terms which make a rather complex idea intuitive.

Jenny Nelson, The Physics of Solar Cells, ISBN-13: 978-1860943492

Online lectures:

Solar cell lectures on NanoHUB

Semiconductor I by Prof. Dr. Helmut Föll

Electronic materials by Prof. Dr. Helmut Föll

PN-junction lab



Lecture notes are copyrighted materials provided for registered students and are intended educational purpose only. Please do not distribute or make copies without permission. Any commercial use is prohibited.

Lecture 1: Status and Trends in Solar Energy

Reading: Handbook PV Chapter 1-2

Assignment 1: Solar cell Worksheet 1, attached reading ส่ง ๒๒ ส.ค. (ในคลาส)

Lecture 2-3: Semiconductor physics for Photovoltaics

Suggested reading:  Ibach&Luth Ch.6-7 and Ch.12,  online course on semiconductor physics Ch.2 on Semiconductor Physics, Handbook PV: Chapter 3

Assignment 2: Solar cell Worksheet 2 (due week 5, 12 Sept 2014)

Lecture 4-5: The Physics of PN-junction

Suggested reading: same as week 2-3 (latter part)

Lecture 6: Photons and Optical properties

Suggested reading: online course Ch 3 Dielectric properties

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