LANDOS’ Educational Mission

Besides conducting scientific research, the environment at LANDOS offers a highly pertinent opportunity for students who wish to focus on research and development in Physics.

An Integrated Physics Approach

In recent years, technological advances and  applied physics are so intertwined that no definite dividing line can be drawn between them. The Integrated Physics program at KMUTNB is created to address this challenge.

Integrated Physics is intended to connect the firm foundations of physics to the disciplines of applied science, engineering and technology. The Integrated Physics program uses Physics as the solid core to approach problems of potential technological importance. The program provides breadth and flexibility in the curriculum, specially designed to generate interdisciplinary projects and activities in many related fields such as laser spectroscopy, biophotonics, and nanoscience.

The program is performed as part of the Applied Physics program offered by the Department of Industrial Physics and Instrumentation (IMI), Faculty of Applied Science, KMUTNB.

This newly created Integrated Physics program is very active. The compact size of the program also ensures that each participant receives individualized attention and close collaboration between them is encouraged by the well-connected the faculty members.

There are several opening positions at LANDOS for students who wish to enroll in the Integrated Physics program. Potential students may contact us for further information.