LASER Workshop 2015



LANDOS is hosting “Laser Workshop for Thai Industry” during June 10-11, 2015!

>>>>Please click HERE for the brochure with schedule and registration form <<<<


Intended for individuals of all levels and disciplines, this workshop is intended to provide from a broad and basic knowledge of lasers to the latest developments in innovative and frontier technology. The workshop consists of two days of lecture tutorials and hands-on laboratory sessions from experts in laser technology. The tutorials encompass laser fundamentals and various applications involving laser-based manufacturing, metrology and testing, and an integration of laser technique with emerging technologies. The practical sessions devoted to case studies will give participants the possibility to try out laser techniques.

Join us for an exciting workshop to become acquainted with the latest developments on laser technology and explore laser applications in Thai industry.

Location: 9th Floor STRI Building, KMUTNB

Cost: free of Charge. This workshop is funded by the National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office. Travel, accommodation or subsistence expenses should be covered by the participants.

Registration deadline: May 31, 2015

Contact: Miss Prachum Triyut, pty at



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